Mo Bro Rob Reid sits in a Vancouver barbershop chair, staring out the window
Mo Bro Rob ReidImage by: James Baker
Mo Bro Rob Reid sits in a Vancouver barbershop chair, staring out the window
16 October 2022

Rob’s Story: A Full Circle Movember Moment

Rob Reid
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My motivation has evolved over the years. What originally got me involved though was that both my grandfathers passed away from prostate cancer when I was in high school. They had both had it earlier, survived, and then had it come back later. When I was in my thirties, my dad had an abnormal test result come back, so they removed his prostate immediately, catching it before it ever even became cancerous. As such, my family has experienced first-hand the benefits of early detection.

As Movember evolved into the broader aspect of men’s health, I think my own motivation evolved with it. When I became a father, then it all become even more clear for me. Many men do have a challenging relationship with our health. We bury feelings, we ignore symptoms, we treat pain and scars as badges of honour. I realized, first and foremost, that I need to set a good example for my kids – both in terms of mental health and taking care of my physical self too.

The biggest challenge we need to overcome is this mentality that we need to “tough it out”. My least favourite phrase right now is “man up”. I think I said earlier but it’s this pressure to hide feelings, ignore symptoms, shun the doctors. Or this belief that things will always fix themselves. We need to talk about our problems, discuss our feelings, have a doctor check things out when they hurt or cause pain.

And all of this needs to be socially normal. The more we do these things, the more normal it becomes, and we can break the stigma.

Bringing Movember into the workplace has had a huge impact on our team. In the construction industry, health and safety is paramount. We always talk about how important it is that everyone gets home safe at the end of each workday. However, the focus there has predominantly been on physical safety.

I think we have evolved to consider mental health as part of that equation. There is still a long way to go but we are much further ahead than where we were even 2 years ago. We have definitely seen more open conversations. Previously, most folks would keep their personal health struggles private. Something you would not discuss with coworkers. But we are definitely hearing more people willing to share their stories.

One of the most powerful things I’ve experienced was last year when we had our Movember and Men’s Health discussion with a speaker from Movember Canada. One of my colleagues shared his personal story that he originally attended one of our Movember discussions a few years previously and something clicked for him, so he went and got checked out by his doctor. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was immediately sent to begin treatment. As he went through treatment, he was able to access many programs through Movember for support. And now, cancer free, he has come back to be able to share his story with us.

" This reminded me that every one of the conversations we have about our health could save someone’s life. "

They are so important. I am so grateful that we could witness full circle the impact that our Movember campaign can have on someone’s life.

When it comes to men’s health my biggest message is this: Talk about it. We need to share more. Talk about our health more. And above all, normalize it.

Thinking about joining Movember for the first time? Just do it. We started as a small team with just a handful of us willing to grow silly moustaches and walk around the office. No events, no posters, just moustaches and a few guys willing to talk about them. But it has grown a little bit more each year (just like our Mo’s). Last year, we had over 12 teams participate with nearly 100 employees from across the company and together they raised over $100,000. Every little bit can make a difference.

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