Mo Bro Glen Williams wears a spiffy plaid shirt sitting in a barbershop chair
Mo Bro Glen WilliamsImage by: Max Rosenstein
Mo Bro Glen Williams wears a spiffy plaid shirt sitting in a barbershop chair
15 September 2022

Glen’s Story: Sharing My Prostate Cancer Journey

Glen Williams
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I first got involved with Movember through the Prostate Cancer Toronto support group meetings. In February, I volunteered to share my cancer journey in support of World Cancer Day, and fortunately for me, the relationship with the organization has continued to grow.

My single and ongoing motivation is to be a catalyst of sorts for men to pay closer attention to their health, specifically as it relates to the disease of prostate cancer. Minimal and regular blood tests can represent a life-saving opportunity. This is why I continue to share my story.

Sharing details of all aspects of my cancer diagnosis, treatment, and life afterwards has provided me with a great sense of satisfaction and purpose. I took every opportunity to share details with newly diagnosed men, as well as those receiving treatment.

While I was able to share details of my current medical condition with family and friends, many seemed to steer away from any cancer-related conversations. I’ve been able to share greater details and challenges with my medical professionals and fellow survivors throughout my treatment journey. By attending bi-weekly support group meetings provided by Toronto Prostate Cancer support group. I was able to share exact details of how my treatment was going and how I was managing to keep up with regular life responsibilities. I learned from many other meeting attendees; they experienced similar challenges throughout all stages of their treatment.

There have been many ups and downs. Likely the most difficult was managing side effects of my treatments while attempting to keep up work demands. ADT Hormone treatments were the most difficult, resulting in weight gain, moodiness and just not feeling like myself. Most downs occurred during the treatment period that involved ADT, hormone treatments as mentioned above.

I found the best way to cope was to stay busy, be as social as possible and maintain a regular exercise routine, which – to be honest -- was often very difficult to do. For me, self-care has two aspects: physical and mental. I did my best to stay busy, be as social as possible, and maintain a regular exercise routine, although that was difficult I soon realized how essential and important mental fitness was in my healing process. Meditation, positive thinking and activity have made a significant difference.

Learning to laugh when possible has been important. Humour has been critical -- the most impactful being somewhat dark, poking fun at my cancer and reduced life expectancy. Many would find this to be insensitive, I found it to be refreshing, breaking the tension.

I continue to be optimistic that there is much more runway ahead, with new and advanced treatment option breakthroughs in the near future for consideration. I can say with a sincere and high degree of confidence, I’m on the best possible treatment pathway.

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