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16 October 2023

5 simple steps to get ready for the Oil Rig Rumble

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The 2023 Oil Rig Rumble is revving up.

For 30 exhilarating days, we're rallying Canada's energy sector to champion a cause that hits close to home. It's not just about the thrill of competition -- it's about standing up for the 1 in 8 Canadian men diagnosed with prostate cancer and shedding light on mental health issues, especially when a staggering 75% of suicides in Canada involve men.

Joining Movember and the Oil Rig Rumble to make a difference is easy. Follow the 5 steps below and gear up to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with companies big and small across the industry.

Step 1: The Movember basics

  • Sign up: sign up and create your personal Movember page, also known as a Mo Space.
  • Create your Team Page: Once on your Mo Space, scroll down and navigate to the Team section and follow the steps to create your company Movember team.
  • Customize your Team Page: Get creative! Choose a catchy team name, upload a spirited photo and craft an inspiring Mo-tivation to inspire your colleagues to join you.

Step 2: Join the Oil Rig Rumble

  • Ready to rumble?: With your team page live, head to the Oil Rig Rumble Challenge page and click "Join this Challenge" --congratulations, you're ready to rumble! Keep an eye on this page to track updates and see where your team stands on our live leaderboard.
  • Need assistance?: We've got your back, so should you encounter any roadblocks? Shoot an email to Evan at evan.connor@movember.com and he'll sort you out in a jiffy.

Step 3: Assemble your dream team

  • Spread the word: Rally your colleagues to join the cause using email, company intranet and social media. Share your team page URL far and wide.
  • Heroes assemble: If you're Captain America, who's your Thor & Hulk? Scout a co-captain or several passionate allies that can help you strategize, recruit teammates and execute events. Better yet, invite senior leaders, HR, CSR, and Employee Resource Groups to get more Mo-mentum behind your campaign. Dive into our corporate support guide for added prowess.
  • Top-secret recruiting strategies: Shhh don’t tell anyone. We've got 9 secret strategies to help you gather the best of the best for your team. From rallying Mo Sisters to gaining executive champions, dive in here.

Step 4: Plan your campaign

  • Set high but achievable goals: Goals create purpose. Whether it's a fundraising target or a specific team size, clear objectives will keep everyone charged and focused. Dreaming big? Evan's here to back you up: evan.connor@movember.com.
  • Map out your campaign: Craft your recruitment plan, schedule that electrifying kick-off event, and plan a wrap-up bash that no one will forget. Our workplace resource hub is packed with ideas and inspiration.
  • Lean into the fun: Work isn’t all about work. Connection between colleagues matters. Take the lead, get creative and have fun with this.
  • Bring in a razor and host a shavedown on November 1st.
  • Send around moustache progress pictures.
  • Make a friendly bet with your boss on who can raise more.
  • The truth: Movember is a 30 day vehicle to build camaraderie and inject some fun into the daily grind of work. Enjoy it and make it your own.

Step 5: Wrap up in style

  • Wrap up in style: Throw an end-of-month awards ceremony to toast the top fundraiser, Movers and, of course, the most memorable Mos with our event guide.
  • Maximize impact: Ask your employer if they will double the impact by matching your team’s fundraising efforts.
  • Say thank you: A heartfelt "thank you" goes a long way. Make sure to acknowledge and appreciate every supporter, participant, and contributor.


Challenge your rivals: Got a competitor or supplier in the industry you're eager to challenge? Or an ex-teammate now with a rival company? Here's your shot! Egg them on to join the Movember Oil Rig Rumble. By bringing them into the hairy fold you not only amplify the competition, but also help increase our collective impact for men's health.

The 2023 Oil Rig Rumble awaits. Get excited and get involved. Sign up today. Are you ready to rumble?