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Men's Health Partners
"We work closely with our global men's health partners to ensure collaboration, transparency and accountability for every project we fund. We monitor this through report cards which detail what we seek to achieve, key measures and the impact." - Owen Sharp, CEO
Prostate Cancer
"Together with the brightest minds in research, we aim to achieve significant breakthroughs in the hope of beating prostate cancer. Our disruptive funding approach identifies revolutionary ways to accelerate health outcomes by creating strong, global collaborative teams." Dr. Colleen Nelson, Global Scientific Chair.
Men's Health
"One Mo can help change the face of men’s health through the powerful conversations created globally during Movember. Men have the chance to confidently discuss men’s health with people around them, resulting in men taking action early, helping change and save lives." Paul Villanti, Executive Director, Programs
Mental health and suicide prevention
“We’re alarmed by the increasing number of men who take their own lives around the world. We are working to ensure all men and boys look after their mental health and are comfortable to reach out to others for support when they’re struggling.” 
Craig Martin, Global Director - Mental Health & Suicide Prevention programs
Testicular Cancer
“Despite being the 2nd most common cancer in young men, testicular cancer is often a forgotten cancer due to early detection and treatment. Our projects look at underinvested areas such as improving access to healthcare services and treatment options for relapse” Paul Villanti, Executive Director, Programs.

GAP5 - TIGER Trial in relapsing Germ Cell Tumour

Movember Funding to Date

AUD 660, 745

What we seek to achieve

This project supports the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate (ANZUP) Clinical Trials Group to faciltate and provide capacity for accrual to the TIGER trial in Australian research hospitals. The TIGER trial is a very large multinational clinical trial investigating which of the two current and commonly used treatments is more effective in preventing death in men who show a relapse of testicular cancer.

Implemented by
Movember Foundation
Project start date
Dec 2015
Project Status
In Progress

About the project

Testicular Cancer is a highly treatable disease. In approximately 95% of men, an effective cure can be obtained using first line treatments. However in a small number of men, the disease returns and these men often have a poorer outcome in terms of overall survival and side effects of more toxic treatments. The current standard therapy varies around the world and the TIGER trial aspires to determine which of the current two treatments is more effective. Given that relapse after chemotherapy is quite rare in testicular cancer, a large number of recruiting centres are required to efficiently accrue patients into the study. 420 patients will be recruited worldwide, with 192 of these scheduled to be recruited in European countries and 60 in Australian and New Zealand sites.

The trial strives to guide future clinical practice for the men who are not effectively treated in the first case by chemotherapy. This will guide and shape the treatment of these men to be more appropriate for their circumstance and also potentially reduce unnecessary side effects.

This project has been governed by the Movember Testicular Cancer Research Advisory Committee - a global team of highly regarded experts in the field that have guided and shaped the project.

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