14 novembre, 2012

There's nothing odd about David Merlin, or at least that's what he thinks.

David's Big Problem
David Merlin might be a good example where it's not the moustache that makes your creepy, it's being creepy that makes you creepy. In a very unPSA PSA, Taxi, an advertising agency, and Radke Films have teamed up to create a short comedy film that aims to raise awareness for men's health and its affiliated Movember charity.

Big thank you to the following for putting this together for us!

Title: "David's Big Problem"
Production Co: Radke Films
Executive Producer: Scott MacKenzie / Scott Smith
Director: Shawn Zeytinoglu
Director of Photography: Shawn Zeytinoglu
Line Producer: Peter Oad
Agency: TAXI 2
Creative Director: Lance Martin / Jeff MacEachern
Art Director: Craig Ferguson 
Writer: Tal Wagman 
Producer: Brie Gowans
Editor: Melanie Hider, Bijou Editorial
Online: Alter Ego
Audio / Music: Grayson Matthews
Producer: David Sorbara
Casting: Jigsaw