November 19th, 2014

Meet Mo Bro Styler Cowen, he creates videos for his Movember campaigns.

Mo Bro Spotlight
Meet Mo Bro Tyler Cowan. He’s been an awesome member of our community over the last few years, creating really cool and fun videos centred on his Movember journey. Over the last three years they’ve got a ton of views, as well as helping him raise lots of funds for men’s health. Creating content is a really great way to fundraise – it’s what people will share, and a really effective way to spread a message.
How did you get involved with Movember?
My first real exposure to the whole Movember initiative was in 2010, after graduating from university.  I was working in an office where a number of the guys were participating that year, but when asked to join their team, I ruefully declined.  We’ve always joked that, when it comes to facial hair, the men in my family are more than a little “follically challenged”…  I’m ashamed to admit it but, at the time, my fear of being humiliated resulted in me missing the point entirely: to start a dialogue about men’s health.  Since then, cancer has touched my life in a number of ways, and in 2012, recognizing there was something I could (and should) be doing, I finally made the decision to get involved – terrible moustache and all.  I put my first ‘Stache video online on November 5th of that year, and the rest is history.  I’ve been an active participant – and equally proud MoBro - ever since.

What are your own tips for staying healthy?
Physical activity and a healthy diet tend to get all of the attention in this category, but I think there’s something to be said for maintaining a sense of wellness on a personal level; finding time for activities that dare you to be a better, happier person.  When I was in university, I joined a crew that raced sailboats every Tuesday and Wednesday night.  Did I know anything about sailing?  No.  But it sounded like an adventure.  Similarly, a couple of years ago I started taking swing dancing classes because it looked like something I might really enjoy.  Cast your apprehension aside: pick up a new hobby; teach yourself a new language; treat yourself to a trip somewhere new and exciting.  Quite simply, give yourself some solid, “personal capital”.  Invest in you – there’s really nothing healthier than feeling good about yourself as a person.
Can you remember a moment when your perception of men’s health changed?
When I was quite young, I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer.  I was devastated but, at the time, the severity of the disease was lost on me.  In 2011, I lost another close friend and mentor to cancer, and all of a sudden, the reality of it became quite clear.  It was extremely sobering.  Soon thereafter, two more friends would be diagnosed, followed by the father of another – all young, healthy guys.  Even my dad would experience a near miss.  This is a disease that does not discriminate, and that is something we should not take for granted.  Spread awareness; get yourself checked out; if you have the means, continue to support initiatives like this one.  It’s time to make cancer a thing of the past.

You can donate to him here!
What are you looking forward to about this Movember?
Well, for starts, my dad and my brother are participating for the first time ever, so it has been a lot of fun sharing the experience with them.  This will also mark the first time my father has had a moustache since 1985…I think we’re all very excited to see the result!
Do you have any grooming rituals?
Like I mentioned before, my facial hair tends to be pretty lackluster…  It’ll be a while before there’s anything to really play with, but once it fills in I keep my routine pretty simple: a trim with moustache scissors once a week to keep things neat and even.  If things are a little on the bushy side, I may use a beard comb as a guide, but I’ve gotten pretty good at eyeballing it as of late.  Other than that, I kind of just let it do its own thing.