July 9th, 1971

Guest writer and nutritionista, Meghan Telpner teaches us how to keep our insides balanced. She also gives us a delicious recipe to make at home... and get caught in your mo.

Taking Care of Your Insides - Lowering Your Acid, Mo Style
Lowering your Acid Level

Alright Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, most of us are guilty indulging once in a while, this we know. When we’re a bit naughty and don’t practice moderation our insides (and outsides) pay. So what do acid levels have to do with it? Well, Cancer thrives in high acidity. So, let’s talk moderation and balance – balance as it relates to our acid levels. 
Read on and learn how to balance your internal landscape (much like you balance your mo’s on your face) and get some great recipes and tips to keep your acid level juuuuust right.

I am going to assume that we are all well aware that eating nutritionally whole food plays a major role in preserving our well-being, but we’re going to stretch that idea a little further, taking into consideration the pH balance of the internal body.

What is pH you ask and why is it so important? The health of our internal environment determines whether or not our body is functioning properly, and our diet and lifestyle habits will dictate how alkaline or acidic the body is. An ideal pH for the body is about 7.4- just ever so slightly on the alkaline side of the scale.

The who of the what?

The acid/alkaline balance of our body sets the stage for a healthy environment inside and out.

Cancer has a party in an acidic environment, and for that reason it is vital that we maintain a healthy, alkaline pH balance. It’s the balance we must focus on maintaining. The typical recommendation is for the diet to be mostly alkaline- about range is 60-80%. This range creates the perfect balance for everything to run optimally.

Think of your body as you would your car, if you put in the wrong gasoline mixture you could ruin the engine and things could go seriously wrong. Shouldn’t we be treating our bodies better than we treat our cars, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas? We can always get a new car, right? The body? Not so easy to trade in.

How do become more alkaline?

Best Ways To Alkalanize
The best way to maintain alkalinity and to fight the spread or growth of cancer cells is to eat, and to eat well!
Eat Lots:
·      Herbal Teas, Green Tea, and Lemon Water
·      Olive and Flax Oil
·      Wild Rice, Quinoa and Millet
·      Almonds and Chestnuts
·      Peas and Green Beans
·      Sweet Potatoes
·      Asparagus, Broccoli and Onions
·      Lemons, Limes, Orange and Grapefruit
·      Leafy greens
Leave These Acid Monkeys Alone:
·      Pickled vegetables
·      Meat (beef, pork)
·      Sugar
·      Processed cheese
·      Alcohol
·      Peanuts
·      Coffee and black tea
·      Artificial Sweeteners
Of course they don’t need to be avoided completely. There’s that balance thing again. If over consumed, these gems, often staples in the standard diet, create the perfect environment for cancer to thrive.
Remember, balance is the key to health and good whole food packed with nutrition is vital to maintain proper pH balance. Most importantly, love those leafy greens, or learn to!
Alkalinizing Recipes:
Morning Green Juice Power
1 cucumber
4 stalks of celery
2 inches peeled ginger root
1/2 lemon, peeled
4 leaves of kale
1/2 apple
·      Juice.
·      Drink.