Knowledge is power, moustache is king. The Mo's at Lancaster Ltd know this well and have gathered the collective knowledge and wisdom of some of the most iconic moustachio'd men in history for a web series. This series of six videos sees the knowledge of legends like Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Evel Knievel, Hélio Gracie and more shared through their families and in the case of Ali…shared through Snoop Dogg.

Not only that, but they've paired each video with a limited edition Movember T-shirt that will feature these wise men. The Movember collection will be open for business on Oct 17th with 20% of all proceeds being donated back to Movember. Visit Lancaster to check them out!
To kick off the series , here's Snoop Dogg chatting about how a conversation with Muhammad Ali changed his life. More to follow. Run young man, run.