Rover is getting hairy for Movember

Author: Movember

Rover is teaming up with Movember to turn your empty driveway into funds for a great cause.
During the month of Movember, Rover plans to donate 100 per cent of their profits to the Movember foundation. It doesn’t stop there; for every new parking spot acquired during the month, Rover plans to donate an additional $10 to the foundation. The Mo-techs over at Rover have integrated a direct donation button in-app to help raise Mo’ funds for the Movember Foundation. 
The Movember foundation hosts a few marquee events during campaign month, such as a Clickchange fashion show and the Suits & Staches fundraising gala. For these events, among others, Rover has kindly donated free parking to help keep your evening fun and stress free.
The Rover app lets users find cheap and reliable parking in their respective city, or allows users to list their parking space to earn mo’ money. This month with Rover, you can park your mo and save a bro.