2016 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas Prize Winners

This Movember, we’ve seen incredible fundraising efforts put forth by Mo Bros, Mo Sistas, teams and networks the world over. It’s time we acknowledge the leaders who went above and beyond to help stop men dying too young.

Thank You

The Movember Foundation expresses its gratitude for the worldwide family of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who came together in 2016 to change the face of men’s health.

HOW I MOVE: Chris Hamilton

Canadian Mo Bro and Inact Insurance Team Captain, Chris Hamilton, serves as inspiration to us all. After his grandfather passed away from a years-long battle with prostate cancer, Chris decided to start “moving” – literally - as a way of remembering him.

The 30 days of Movember 2016 are over: Now what?

This Movember we joined forces to take action for men’s health. Now that the month is over, what happens next?

Mo's Around the World

Moustaches have been sprouting up in public places across the globe, helping us spread our men's health mission in a big way.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Movember Foundation - Indigenous Knowledge Sharing

On November 2, the Movember Foundation project teams from Australia, Canada, and the United States met in Vancouver BC to discuss the progress made on Movember-funded Indigenous communities projects. The teams came together to share key learnings with each other, including challenges, successes, and next steps.

Jeff George: Because I've been there, I know how tough it gets

I chose to talk, and I received the help I need. Now I try to use my experiences and use my voice to help others.

Patrice Lavoie: I do Movember to help my fellow men overcome

As a gay man who grew up without a male figure, I had built my own version of what I thought a man should be: an overachieving, masculine, always-smiling, successful and strong gentleman. 

The Locker Room Doctor - help men get informed about their health

As Canadians, we’re likely all familiar with the game of hockey and subsequently a locker room. Movember-funded program, the "Locker Room Doctor" is an engaging multimedia website that initially focuses on helping beer league hockey players become more injury proof and then transforms into a resource that helps men make sense of their lives. This is primarily a male-facing initiative where the weekly hockey social network becomes a platform for health “edutainment”. 

Kevin Swain: We should talk about the tough shit

When I began to share my story, I began to heal from attempting suicide. I do Movember to tell that story.

Help us turn the tide on male suicide

In cities all over the world, we laid out thousands of shoes to represent the men who’ve died by suicide this month.