You've Funded the Next Generation of Prostate Cancer Researchers

Thanks to your hard work, four rising stars of the prostate cancer research world have been funded!

First Charity to Receive Cult Brand Status

The Foundation is proud to announce we're the first charity to be recognized as a cult brand by The Gathering

Your Funds and Their Impact on Men Living With Cancer

This World Cancer Day, we’re proud to announce the release of our latest impact report describing the key projects accelerating prostate cancer research and outcomes for men living with the disease.

Study finds men with depression often their own toughest critics

Canadians view men struggling with depression with compassion and understanding, while men view their problems in a very negative light  

Thank Yous from Around the World

Wow, that was huge. You united as a global force for good, put men’s health firmly on the map and raised incredible funds to make a massive difference to the lives of men.

Prize Winners

We salute the mighty Mo Bros, Mo Sistas, and Mo Teams who rose to the top and gave their fundraising best during Movember 2015  

Is exercise the best medicine?

Last weekend at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, the Movember Foundation hosted an international meeting to kick start a world’s first clinical trial that will examine the effectiveness of exercise as a medicine against prostate cancer progression.

End of Movember: What Happens Next?

For 30 hairy days, we join forces to take action for men’s health. By growing Moustaches, getting active, fundraising and talking about men’s health, we become a worldwide movement. So what happens when those 30 days are done? 

Sending in Donations

You’ve worked hard during these wild nights and hairy days of Movember, and now it’s time to make it count! Sending in your cash, cheque, and gift matching donations doesn't need to be tricky, so here are some tips to make things simple.

MOVE of the week 5

This week's MOVE is a 20 minute circuit you can do anywhere, with Aussie fitness guru, Dani Stevens. 

Highlights of Movember 2015: The good times and the serious stuff

The highlights of Movember 2015

Mo Mentor Burt Reynolds

Q&A with Burt Reynolds — Mo Mentor, moustache icon, and celebrated actor (and author!)