TrueNTH: changing the future for men with prostate cancer

Author: Movember
TrueNTH is a global collaboration of clinicians, researchers and patients aiming to improve the quality of life and outcomes for men with prostate cancer.
The program is tackling some of the most significant challenges faced by men living with prostate cancer, such as how to make decisions about which treatments to have; how to manage incontinence and sexual dysfunction; and how to eat well and exercise effectively. TrueNTH is also developing easy to use online tools that allow men and their families to keep track of their symptoms and take charge of their own health. Throughout, TrueNTH works with men with prostate cancer to better understand their experiences, perspectives and needs.
As a global initiative, TrueNTH is active in eight countries around the world: the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore. In each of these countries, TrueNTH is being delivered under the same objectives but in different ways to ensure it is locally relevant and effective. On completion of the initial pilot phase of the project, results will be made available so that we can share what works, for whom and under what conditions. This video features some of the patients, their families and the health experts who contributed to TrueNTH in the USA.
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