Why we Mo: The Sherway Group

Author: Movember
We started Movember nine years ago as a couple of guys in one of our warehouses. After a couple of years of fun growing Mo’s, a close family friend received news of his prostate cancer diagnosis. Our friend’s Denny’s news came suddenly. One year he had a healthy PSA test and by the next, it had skyrocketed. His family and close friends were floored, but he never felt sorry for himself. Instead, he started his fight. Movember quickly became personal and an outlet for us to show support for our friend’s fight. Denny is the face of our cause and drive for change.
When Movember branched out into men’s mental health, it hit even closer, with experiences from family, friends and work. Growing moustaches brought us together and sparked important conversations.
Our favorite campaign memory to date was this year’s kickoff party where we raised funds and discussed Movember’s theme for the year. We remembered our family friend that passed a couple weeks before the party. Mo Sistas came out it brought everyone together to celebrate our friend’s passing and reminded us all of how important the issue is. 
We’re a small company, but Movember has allowed us to expand our reach. Our men’s mental health message is simple: keep awareness as high as possible; driving the message home that it’s ok to get checked out or talk to someone if you need it.