Prostate Cancer Genetics Breakthrough

Author: Movember
We’re proud to share to how your funds have helped fund the world’s most comprehensive genetic analysis of prostate cancer tumours through the Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Network (CPC-GENE) project. The findings have been published in the world-renowned research journal Nature.
The research has led to the breakthrough of uncovering the full set of mutations that can occur in the most common cancer in men. By fully cataloging these mutations, the CPC-GENE team was able to create a new signature that predicts at an early stage whether a prostate cancer tumour will become aggressive or not, allowing for personalized treatment.
These findings for determining the level of severity of prostate cancer have the potential to benefit hundreds of thousands of men globally living with cancer and the additional 1 in 8 Canadian men who are diagnosed annually and will have benefits globally.
“We hope that this research mode of testing will now go into the clinical mode in the next two to five years, and really change clinical practice for men with prostate cancer in Canada and worldwide,” said Dr. Bristow.
This research was made possible through a partnership between the Movember Foundation, Prostate Cancer Canada, and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.
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