HOW I MOVE: Chris Hamilton

Author: Movember
Canadian Mo Bro and Inact Insurance Team Captain, Chris Hamilton, serves as inspiration to us all. After his grandfather passed away from a years-long battle with prostate cancer, Chris decided to start “moving” – literally - as a way of remembering him.
The Move challenge is whatever you make it. Run a race. Take a spin challenge. Learn to rock climb. Do something new, set a new personal best, it’s all for men’s health.
For the Move challenge last year, Chris decided to start running every day, and was even able to complete a “10K in 10 days” challenge last Movember.  “I used it last year to help me kick start my fitness,” says Chris, “and by the end of the month I was motivated to take it a step further and sign up for a marathon training clinic”.
This was just the beginning for Chris: three years ago he participated in a head-shaving event; two years ago it was Mohawks for Movember, and last year Chris shaved a moustache into the back of his head.  “I felt that doing head shaving/hairstyles had met its limit,” said Chris. So, this year when searching for options that felt fresh and new, Chris noticed the "Do something outrageous" tagline on and it inspired him to think of his morphsuit from last Halloween – and how outrageous it would be to actually run in one.  “I felt it would be a new way for me to raise funds, and when I shared the idea it generated a bunch of interest around my office”. 
Chris has calculated his fundraising goals.  Depending on how much he is able to raise, Chris will run a race in a colourful morphsuit.  $500 = 5k, $1,000 = 10K, $2,110 = Half Marathon (21.1k), $4,220 = Full Marathon (42.2k)
It’s easy to turn your Move event into a high-impact fundraiser, with just a bit of ingenuity (and, you might say, a little muscle). Check out the Inact Insurance Team here.