I Do Movember Because My Dad No Longer Can

I Mo in my Dad’s name. As he fought prostate cancer, I fought to make sure that other men would survive. To channel my anger at the disease that I knew would eventually take my father from me. I urge men not to let pride get in the way of their health. Their pride will take a far greater knock if they end up having to leave their loved ones to fend for themselves earlier than necessary, because of a disease that they could have prevented.

If I could ask men one question it would be this, would you rather die with your pride, or live with your integrity?

Cancer does not just infiltrate the life of the man diagnosed, it lives on with the family left behind by the disease.

I support Movember because I can see that the work that they do not only funds the potential of establishing a cure to the disease that cruelly took my father from me, but they also raise awareness of a multitude of male health issues, so that the number of men requiring that cure is also reduced.

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