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the Mo is the catalyst for change
Research has beaten many diseases in recent history, and in time, we believe that research will beat prostate and testicular cancer. But we need to accelerate this reality and that’s why at Movember, we are changing the culture of science by breaking down barriers, by funding innovative research that builds powerful, collaborative, global teams. It is through pioneering this new model that we will achieve our goal of improved clinical tests and treatments for men with prostate and testicular cancer.


At a national level Movember partners with the Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC), who’s stated objective is to empower the world’s top scientific minds by cutting red tape and encouraging collaboration to speed breakthroughs. 
“PCC is proud to award research projects that will change the landscape of prostate cancer. From identifying methods for prevention, more accurate diagnostic tools, increasingly effective treatments and improvements in quality of life all around, we are enabling our talented researchers to continue to learn, innovate and generate new knowledge. This type of impact simply would not be possible without the efforts of Mo Bros and Sistas from across the country – thank you.”
- Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada
At a global level the Movember Foundation funds the Global Action Plan (GAP), an international research collaboration initiative that is accelerating outcomes by providing researchers from around the world the opportunity to work together on specific research projects. Take a look at the video below for a brief overview of GAP and details of the first funded project.

As a result of working with prostate and testicular cancer partners from around the world, Movember identified an opportunity to accelerate research outcomes by providing researchers across the world the opportunity to work together on specific projects.
By bringing together international researchers, GAP facilitates a new and unprecedented level of global research collaboration, not previously seen within the cancer community. Over time, researchers coming together to share details of what worked and what didn’t will avoid duplication of research efforts and deliver a greater return on the funds that Movember and other organisations invest in prostate and testicular cancer research.
Today there are five GAP projects underway, which have brought together more than 250 of the world's top prostate and testicular cancer researchers, all of them committed to working together on research and sharing their knowledge in the area.


A small percentage of the funds raised in each country are allocated to a global fund.  The global fund is then allocated to one priority project each year that is determined by an independent Global Scientific Committee (GSC). The GSC is comprised of internationally renowned prostate cancer experts from around the world, and chaired by Dr. Colleen Nelson. Each year, Movember’s Global Scientific Committee (GSC) comes together to determine a research focus that would best benefit from global collaboration. Once the priority area is endorsed by Movember’s Board, the best prostate or testicular cancer researchers in the world from both Movember and non-Movember countries are brought together and funded to collaborate and address a pre-determined issue or area of concern.
Once the researchers are recruited, they collaborate through a number of mediums, including regular conference calls, annual face-to-face meetings and participation on Movember’s online collaboration platform called Promoveo.
Promoveo is a Latin phrase which means to push forward, move ahead, advance and that is exactly the aim of the online platform which Movember has custom built for the prostate and testicular cancer research community. At a very simple level, it’s a bit like LinkedIn with discussion and collaboration forums, in short it:
  • Connects the global prostate and testicular cancer communities
  • Showcases the research program and its participants
  • Allows researchers to collaborate by sharing knowledge
  • Allows researchers to search for and share resources
  • Provides a project tracking and management tool
“Our vision is to have an everlasting impact on the state of men’s health and it’s to this end that we've established our GAP. We believe that getting the best researchers from around the world to work together on key challenges will accelerate breakthroughs that will ultimately benefit men with prostate cancer. Further, we believe that team-based research, performed across borders with a strong collaborative mindset, can deliver innovation and knowledge sharing that leads to an acceleration of results that benefit men diagnosed and living with prostate cancer today.”
- Head of Programs at Movember, Paul Villanti

Provided below is a series of videos that highlight some of the research being funded. 
If you’d like to view a complete list of all the research being funded by Movember please review the research report cards.

Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Project (CPC GENE): This ground breaking project is mapping out the genes that lead to prostate cancer in general and also those that lead to aggressive forms of prostate cancer. As a part of the larger International Cancer Genome Consortium, Canada is leading the charge with CPC GENE and is developing a national and international group of scientists to facilitate the project
Cancer under stress: Dr. Anthony Joshua is a researcher who is primarily concerned with survival mechanisms of prostate cancer. He is currently focused on the mechanism called autophagy in which cells of prostate cancer eat each other in order to survive when they are in a stressed environment. Through his research  Dr. Joshua hopes to develop drugs that block this survival mechanism so that the cells are killed in stressed environments instead of adapting.