MoPo- The Great Canadian Police Challenge

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Police officers from all across Canada coming together to raise funds and awareness for men's health; specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male mental health. In 2013, 1191 MoPo's raised $248,054 for Movember. Changing the face of men's health, one MoPo at a time.
MoPo- The Great Canadian Police Chal...
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Davio Piccinin
15 hour(s) ago

That's time ! Let,s go PITCHTEAM !

Rob Chapman
3 day(s) ago

Shaving again for a great cause!

Doug Lewis
4 day(s) ago

Hard to believe it's been a year already - full steam ahead, Team OPPA!

Harold Wax
6 day(s) ago

OPP Auxiliary...praying the facial hair will grow!!!!!

Kevin Swain
6 day(s) ago

York Regional Police Association are in the house!!

Stewart Saunderson
1 Week(s) Ago

Not only will we be protecting the border this Movember, but we'll be protecting the prostate as well! Good luck Mo Bros!

Vancouver Police Network
1 Week(s) Ago

The Vancouver Police Department is rallying the troops in preparation for November 1st! Looking forward to a great 2014 Movember.

Matthew Cumming
1 Week(s) Ago

Peterborough Lakefield Molice are in for another great year.

Ryan McEachran
2 Week(s) Ago

The Ottawa Police MO-PO are rallying the troops for 2014!

Paul Harrower
2 Week(s) Ago

Halton Regional is back!

Michael Labossiere
3 Week(s) Ago

The Burnaby Fuzz are back and looking forward to the 2014 campaign.

Martin Blake
6 Week(s) Ago

Calling ALL police teams across Canada to join the "MoPo Great Canadian Police Challenge" Network for 2014 - So register yourself and your team and if you have multiple teams, start a network - and let's see what team and network will take the MoPo Crowns this Movember!

Note: As donations can be made privately, only public donations are displayed on Mo Space.
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