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If you’re a student, register a team of fellow students and lecturers and join the Big Moustache on Campus Challenge. We’re on the lookout for the most original pictures, outstanding stories and innovative ideas for the chance to win some one-off Mo prizes and to become campus Movember celebrities.
Big Moustache on Campus UK
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Mo Sista Illy
1 day(s) ago

Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, it’s officially 11 days to Mo! Start saying your goodbyes to those furry chin and cheek warmers you’ve sported all year and get ready to be clean shaven from the 1st. It’s now time to gather, friends, classmates, team mates, lecturers and encourage them to sign up and join your University network.

This year Propaganda: will be supporting Movember in your University towns and cities. They will be hosting Launch Parties and giving free entry to any Mo Bros and Mo Sistas that raise £25 during the Month.

The Moustache Maketh the Man

Mo Sista Illy posted a video on Big Moustache on Campus UK's page
3 Week(s) Ago

Mo’s of the Big Moustache on Campus Challenge: Making change happen is what we do. We are thinkers, makers, growers, doers. We are Made in Movember. Recruit your team, spread the word… let’s do this.

Note: As donations can be made privately, only public donations are displayed on Mo Space.
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