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London Health Sciences Centre
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My Motivation

This year I've decided to add a little bonus to your Donation to Movember. For every $1 donated I will make a promise to do 1 minute of additional exercise. Not only will you help fund vital research, but also encourage a change in this Mo Bro directly. I'd like to hit my goal of $1000, which for those counting, would be over 16 hrs of extra exercise this month. Get Fit, Get Checked, Get Hairy.

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Jesse Hayman donated $20.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Get your run on, homeboy! Thanks for being a Movember leader and true men's health champion. You're an inspiration.

Janet Robinson donated $20.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Jamie Sweetman 38 Week(s) Ago

Busted some Serious Moves at Bailamos Fitness and Dance Studio with some Zumba. With that I have worked off all of the donations to date, just in time for the Gala tommorrow

Markus Gauss donated $20.00 to London Health Sciences Centre 39 Week(s) Ago

Best I can Erik

Jamie Sweetman 39 Week(s) Ago

Last week of fund raising, Time to up the ante.

If Mo Bro Jesse Hayman reaches $8500 I will get the Moustache is King logo tattooed. Donate to him at mobro.co/jesseleehayman

If this this mo space reaches the $1000 mark I will let Jesse Lee Hayman take hold of the gun and tattoo is first hand.

Either way, Lets raise some funds and getting this party started.

Jamie Sweetman 39 Week(s) Ago

After a 'quick' trim, always remember to tame your mane.

Jamie Sweetman 39 Week(s) Ago

For those who have been following my #Movember journey, I have pledged for every Dollar donated that I will do a minute of exercise. So far this month I have done 60+20+40+100+20+20 = 260 Mins = 4.3 Hours. I'm just over a quarter to my goal but I've got some intense workouts planned.

Looking for sponsors for my upcoming workouts.

Nov 27th - 1 Hour of Zumba!
Nov 29th - 1 Hour of Crossfit!

Jamie Sweetman 39 Week(s) Ago

Thanks to Neal and Amanda for your pair of $20 donations. Suited up with the 97.5 Virgin Radio All Stars for a Game of Soccer with the Forest City Sports and Social Club. Hey I even scored a goal! Which subbing time, 40 Mins worked off.

Don St. Germain wrote on Jamie's Mo Space 40 Week(s) Ago

A true bro with a mo!

Benjamin Giles donated $25.00 40 Week(s) Ago

You got the Stash with Uber Pinache!!!!

London Health Sciences Centre wrote on Jamie's Mo Space 40 Week(s) Ago

If anyone knows of any other teams at LHSC, please let me know so I can add them to our network. Together we can change the face of men's health.

Jamie Sweetman 40 Week(s) Ago

Worked off another $100 Donation with a 2 hour bike across London. Thank you Dad!

Jamie Sweetman 40 Week(s) Ago

I get asked alot if I shave my own moustache. ABSOLUTELY! It does take a while though (About 1 hour). Luckily for you, you can see it in FAST MO!!!

Jamie Sweetman 41 Week(s) Ago

Not only did I bust out another 40 on the treadmill (@ good life fitness) but I also busted my runners. Thanks to the Jones family for the donation!

Jamie Sweetman 41 Week(s) Ago

Just released that my Movember Mobile App is not posted to my Mo Space... so its update time...

This year's Moustache is... THE FOUNDATION!

Neal Howell donated $20.00 41 Week(s) Ago

Amanda Agate donated $20.00 41 Week(s) Ago

Allan Sweetman donated $100.00 41 Week(s) Ago

Have fun with 100 Minutes of extra exercise! Love Dad.

Chris Jones donated $40.00 41 Week(s) Ago

Yo SweetAss!! Looking good Brother! My Mom and Dad, and Patti and I wish to pledge a wee Donation to your Successful MO! Keep it up brother! good Luck!

Jamie Sweetman 41 Week(s) Ago

Mary, Your $20 fuelled 25 mins of Just Dance 4 Intense workout!

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