Pete Bombaci Movember Country Director - Canada

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To make a difference in the lives of those that I know and those that I dont, who will face the challenges of male mental health, prostate or testicular cancer. With this years campaign speaking about the men in the world who give of themselves to help other, there is no time like the present for all of my friends and family to join the team and help Change the Face of Men's Health.
Pete Bombaci Movember Country Direct...

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Katryna Szagala
12 hour(s) ago

thanks for the kickstart!! xo

Pete Bombaci Movember Country Director - Canada
3 day(s) ago

A little late for my Flashback Friday, but I want to share some of the amazing creative that has humoured the Mo community over the last 8 years in Canada. Amazing what you can achieve when you connect having fun with doing good. Enjoy this little ditty from 2009.

Pete Bombaci Movember Country Director - Canada
4 day(s) ago

Donation received
5 day(s) ago


Pete Bombaci Movember Country Director - Canada

This is a start to my campaign this year, but my goal is to raise $5000 in support of men's health. Please help me achieve my goal with a small donation.

Note: As donations can be made privately, only public donations are displayed on Mo Space.
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